Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have never played an escape game before - do you have any tips?

A: You can expect a great time! Escape rooms are also known as puzzle rooms and panic rooms. Your goal is to solve the mystery within 60 minutes. We suggest you first start by searching the room for clues – be thorough! Then work with your teammates to solve the various types of puzzles or problems. Cooperation, teamwork and different approaches to solving things are the best ways to succeed.

Q: How much does it cost to play?

A: Our rooms are $27.50 per person.  We also offer private rooms for your group at a discounted price depending on the capacity of the room ($200 or $250 total). Our Enchanted Chamber room, designed for families and kids, has a $175 flat price and is only available as a private experience. We do charge sales tax on the total, but here are no additional booking fees or other hidden costs.

Q: Where can I park?

A: Our location has ample parking spots available in our lot!  We always recommend giving yourself a few extra minutes just in case you need to park at the back of the lot.

Q: Is the game scary? Will anyone jump out and scare us?

A: In general, our games are not scary or dark. However, there may be mild, momentary exceptions. Our goal is first and foremost to provide you an enjoyable experience, so if you have any concerns, just let us know beforehand and we can adjust for you and your group!

Q: Is it safe to play? Can I exit the room during the game? What if I’m claustrophobic?

A: Your safety is our top priority! You may exit from the room during any point of the game. The game is all about solving puzzles to find your way out. Many people who are claustrophobic have reported that they felt no symptoms of claustrophobia in the room. However, if someone feels unwell for any reason, it is possible to exit the room via the entry door at any time. And no, that doesn’t count as ‘escaping’! Our room is monitored by security cameras allowing us to assist you and provide a hint or clue if you’re stuck on a particular puzzle.

Q: What is the appropriate age for the game? Can I bring kids?

A: We have people of all ages join our rooms and love to have families come in! Please note that our rooms are generally designed for adults, so some of the puzzles may be difficult for younger children. Here are few important age guidelines:

* If bringing multiple children under the age of 14, we require that you book an entire room to ensure the best possible experience for all our customers.

* For anyone 16 and under, we require at least one adult guardian per group.

If you have any questions about our policies or specific requests, please feel free to email us or give us a call!

Q: Where can I put my belongings?

A: We encourage (but do not require) our participants to leave their cell phones outside the room to get the most of their experience without distractions – like a movie theater!  We’ll provide lockers or safes where you can leave any valuables.

Q: What if we are stuck during a game and run out of ideas?

A: Don’t panic! The goal is all about having fun.  Our staff will be watching as you progress through the room.  Each of our rooms may operate differently, but if you get stuck, we’ll be there to help and make sure you’re having a good time!

Q: What is the minimum and maximum size of my group?

A: We allow booking of a maximum of 8-10 people depending on the room (we can make some exceptions for unique circumstances). We also are happy to host larger groups and split teams up into our different rooms. We believe that the experience is most enjoyable in groups, but that said, we will run the room for a single person if you choose to play alone – but the experience is really designed for small groups!

Q: Can my group book a private room?

We are happy to accomodate private groups! If you book a few spots, the others will remain available for others to join you – it’s a great opportunity to meet new friends!  However, if you’d like to play with just your group, please feel free to simply book an entire room.

Q: Is it possible to host a birthday party/school-visit/team-building event at Lockout Austin?

A: Of course! Our venue is the perfect place to host your next event. Companies are also encouraged to book the whole day where groups can play all throughout the day.  Being on South Lamar, there is plenty of entertainment, cheap medicines and dining opportunities just yards away to entertain your group for the whole day!  Please call or email us to make a booking or for more information. We can tailor a package to suit your needs.

Q: Do you accept same-day bookings or walk-ins?

A: Yes and yes!  You can make a same-day booking online, and are welcome to call us at 512-808-0851 to see our remaining availability for the day.  And we always welcome walk-ins whenever slots are available!  But we hope to be very busy and encourage our customers to make an advance reservation to secure your time slot.

Q: How long can I play for?

A: Our escape games are designed for 60 minutes, with a few minutes of briefing beforehand and picture-taking after.  Please arrive on-time or a little early.  If your group is running late, your time may be shorter if we have a booking scheduled after yours. 

Q : Can I take photos or video in the game room?

A: To help protect the integrity of the game for future groups, no photos and videos are allowed inside the room itself.  However, we encourage you to take pictures in our lobby and share your experience!  Lockers will be provided for your personal belongings so you can leave phones and cameras safely locked away while you’re enjoying your escape experience.

Q: Are bookings refundable?

A: No. Because we pre-book, your reservation locks in your time slot and cannot be refunded.  However, we may reschedule your booking if contacted at least 7 days prior to the reservation. We encourage all participants to arrive at least fifteen minutes early in order to check belongings and be briefed on the game. Unfortunately, if you are late, it will take valuable minutes off your game time, minutes that could cost your success. If your group is more than fifteen minutes late, your booking may be cancelled.

Q: Do you have wheelchair accessibility?

A: Yes, the entrance to our facility features an accessible ramp and there are no stairs indoors. If you have more specific access needs, please contact us and we can see what we can do!

Q: What is the difference between this and a panic room or puzzle room?

These are all the same general concepts, just with different names! Escape room is the general term, while the others are terms used commonly in different places or by different companies.

Lockout is an Austin Escape Room on South Lamar. An escape room, also known as a puzzle room or panic room, is a unique and exciting entertainment experience where you and friends are in a race against time to escape a room or complete a unique mission. Learn more about our escape game across our site. Other local escape rooms include Austin Panic Room, Puzzle Room Austin, Austin Escape Game, and Maze Rooms.