The game where you are the hero

At Lockout Austin, you become part of the story. Our interactive escape rooms are designed for small groups of 2 to 8 players. You and your teammates will have 60 minutes to achieve your mission. You may be disarming a bomb, scheming to clean out an underground casino, escaping from a mad dictator, rescuing a kidnapped prime minister, or just saving the world – every room is a new story.

To succeed, you will need to work as a team to solve a series of puzzles that will test your logic, lateral thinking and ingenuity. Are you ready for a uniquely exciting adventure?

The Wizard Room (for Families & Kids)

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Experience this Limited Time escape room designed for all ages, and perfect for families and kids (Age 8-16)! The Wizard Rooms pits your team against a Dark Wizard who has frozen time for all of eternity. Can you figure out how to reverse this evil spell and save all of humanity?

The Wizard Room is a private experience at a flat price of $150, for up to 8 people. All rooms with children under the age of 16 require at least one adult present.

CSI: Murder at the Asylum

2-8 Players. Success rate: NEW

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NEW! A mysterious murder at the local Pinnhurst Asylum. Your forensics team has been secretly called in to figure out what happened. You discover something’s not quite right here, and the Feds are taking over the investigation in an hour. Can you solve the crime before time runs out?

The Cursed Ship

2-8 Players. Success rate: 24%

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Stranded on a desert island, you find an old ship. On board, you discover an abandoned crewmate who gives you harrowing news: You have 1 hour to break an ancient curse, or the island is coming for you. What exactly is happening? Can you escape?

WW3: The Conspiracy Theory

2-8 Players. Success rate: 25%

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One CIA agent’s descent into madness puts the world on the brink. The clock is ticking… Can you stop her evil plan or will she escape from your grasp?

Blue Meth Breakout

2-8 Players. Success rate: 35%

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Kidnapped by the cartel. Locked in a meth superlab. Forced to make a batch of the blue stuff. Can you find the right chemicals to mix to cook the blue meth? And can you figure out how to escape before it’s too late?
Unique Feature: Involves mixing of chemicals and adult-oriented theme of drug trade.

Lockout is an Austin Escape Room on South Lamar. An escape room, also known as a puzzle room, panic room, or escape game, is a unique and exciting entertainment experience where you and friends are in a race against time to escape a room or complete a unique mission. Learn more about our escape game across our site. Other local escape rooms include Austin Panic Room, Puzzle Room Austin, Austin Escape Game, Mystery Room, and Maze Rooms.